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Call for Nominations – PCMA PHL 2024 Board of Directors

Applications are now being accepted to apply for the PCMA Greater Philadelphia Chapter’s 2024 Board of Directors.

This is the official call for nominations for the 2024 PCMA Greater Philadelphia Board of Directors.
Service on the PCMA Greater Philadelphia Chapter’s Board of Directors is an opportunity to help drive the decisions of our association and shape the future of our chapter. It is also very rewarding!
Board service provides the opportunity to:
·   Grow personally and professionally.
·   Develop leadership skills.
·   Gain unique experience in non-profit governance and program planning.
·   Make lasting connections in the industry.
Do you know a fellow PCMA PHL member who you believe to be an excellent leader? Do you have a passion for the industry and the drive to lead our chapter? Please consider nominating a fellow member or yourself. Self-nominations are encouraged. If you are nominating someone else, ask the person you’d like to nominate to complete the questions on page two of the form and to provide a resume. If you have a suggestion for someone to nominate but you do not feel comfortable handling the nomination, please send your suggestion to [email protected].
Open positions for 2024 include:
Officer Positions
·   President-Elect (One-year term as President Elect, followed by one-year term as President, followed by one-year term as Immediate Past President)
·   Secretary (Two-year term)
Director Positions
·   Three Directors (Two-year term)
Qualified candidates must:
·   Be member of PCMA and PCMA PHL in good standing for at least one year.
·   Attend monthly board meetings, three hours per month.
·   Prepare for board meetings, one hour per month.
·   Attend a three-hour leadership orientation meeting in January/February.
·   Make every effort to attend all chapter meetings and events, including the two-day Chapter Retreat, and virtual meetings.
·   Have the ability to elicit support from donors and sponsors.
·   Board members are assigned to one or more of PCMA PHL’s committees or task forces with the expectation that they will participate in regular committee conference calls and activities in addition to regular communication with the committee/task force Chair.
Nomination Submission Instructions:
Please click here for the application. Please submit it, fully completed, along with the nominee’s resume to Erica Keagy, PCMA PHL Managing Director, by Friday, September 8, 2023, 5:00pm. Submitting a colleague’s name is not considered a complete nomination. The application and resume are required by Friday, September 8, 2023, 5:00pm. If you are not self-nominating, please work with the person you are nominating to complete the application.
We need our members’ knowledge, expertise, and talents to help PCMA PHL continue to deliver compelling value to members and the industry. Thank you for your support and assistance with this very important search.
Greg Kamprath, CMP
Director of Business Development, Dyventive
PCMA PHL Immediate Past President
PCMA PHL Nominating Committee Chair
Erica KeagyCall for Nominations – PCMA PHL 2024 Board of Directors